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Zachariah Marisian

Zachariah Marisian

Question: Traditional publishing or self-publishing: which is the future?

The future for me is self-publishing. People want to have full ownership of their products. The time taken for a transcript to be accepted by the traditional publishers is a let down to many who would have otherwise liked their voices put for their fans. Another plus that facilitates self-publishing is the infrastructure already available. Think of the internet publishing zones, the editing tools, social sites for marketing among other good things skewed to favour self-publishing. Again the entrepreneurship spirit among many upcoming writers makes it easy and favourable for them to take charge of their works.

About Zachariah Marisian

Zachariah Marisian is a creative crime writer who specializes in writing about social justice. He narrates crime stories trying to reveal the soft underbelly of the successive governments in the African continent after the white-man rule. These successive governments have weighed down the citizens and the continent to be stuck with the tag ‘undeveloped countries’ and/or ‘sub-Saharan countries’.

In his stories, Zachariah Marisian pores through the failings of the three arms of government in dispensing justice, living to the spirit of human dignity of its citizens, awarding excellence, and having progressive ideas for future generations. The author also tries to uncover the reasons behind the apathy in citizens in taking control of their destiny and why corruption is so much condoned in the African continent.

Zachariah Marisian has a movement specialized in creative crime stories, Marisian Tales, which has led to the establishment of its website, Twitter @marisiantales, Instagram @marisiantales and Facebook Page @marisiantales.

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