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Delanda McNair

Delanda McNair

Question: What is the best writing tip you've ever heard?

One of my best writing tips, it is not one that I necessarily heard--it is one that I learned just through the process of my writings. The way my writings come to me is truly a gift from God.

I do not find myself having to come up with a story or a storyline. I just have to focus and be still long enough to simply write what he gives me. With that being my writing style, as of yet I have not experienced a true writer's block. If I find the story is not expanding as I desired, I stop, I release myself from that expectation of progress in that particular way of thinking, and I seize the opportunity to go back through the writings that I have completed up to that point--and simply expand and refine the story.

At least for me up to this point, when I write, it is always a productive upward-and-upward process because I am actively either penning the story or going back through previous writings to expand or refine the story as needed.

About Delanda McNair

Growing up, born 4th of 5 children, my parents gave us a lot of things. One of those things that really stuck with me was road trips, short and long, which encouraged my appreciation for travel. Naturally, for me that is, it helped me target a career focus on becoming a fashion model. In my mind, it would grant me the desired limitless access to travel, all at someone else's expense. When I was 15, my parents bought into my dream and helped me pursue the modeling career. They signed off on my summer being spent at Barbizon School of modeling in Virginia. Though it was an inviting, exciting, and quite an informative summer program, by the end of the studies I realized the environment was not for me--and just how much I really did not like taking pictures. Lol, go figure.

Back to the drawing board. And then it hit me: I need to work at the Airport; how do I become a ticket or gate agent? So off to my second search. Did I tell you how I love having seized access to travel at someone else's expense? Lol, the short version of this story is: I later went on to Travel and Tourism School in Kissimmee Florida. I graduated from a 4-month program in April, was chosen by one of the companies that came on campus to our job fair before our graduation, accepted and completed inflight training, and became a flight attendant in June of the same year. I was based in Miami Florida for two years. In my second year, sickness visited my family and my father's health began to fail. I then realized that I was way too far from my family and was spending too many weekends, holidays, and special occasions on a plane or in a hotel somewhere without them. That previously landed dream career only lasted for 2 years.

During that time as a flight attendant though, I had a conversation with my younger sister that turned into a dream, that turned into a vision, that turned into a story in my head. That story turned into my writings, but of course at that time in 1995 (yes, 1995) as a flight attendant, having no idea that in less than a year later I would be reporting to an office, working a desk job; I did not see where I had room, time or a true appreciation and interest in this writing thing. Eventually for me, being a "See-Say-Do" person, by it coming to me in my dreams, with me talking about my dreams to my sister, and me eventually writing it all out (so I could be done with it, so I thought) it only gave room for the story to pick up from where I had dropped off.

The more I wrote, the more the story grew, and I kept talking about it and I kept dumping it out of my head, by way of writing, which lead to a complete story: one day I took all of these napkins, pieces of paper, and whatever else at the time that I could find to scribble on, and I put it all together in a Word document. As I transferred those writings, I gained a true appreciation for the story; my exact words were "wow, God, this is good stuff. If this was a movie, I would soo go see this!"

My writing focus actually began on a manuscript for a movie, but with me being as detailed as I am, writing in a way to include all the different angles and aspects of a thought or scene EXACTLY as I thought/saw it, it became overwhelming. I had to pull it back and regroup--and decided to simply share the story. It became so much easier for me to tell and share the story. I have since learned this was one of HIS sweet, therapeutic gifts to me, that would prove to be worth beyond its weight in gold when a few other life events came to visit our family. This writing thing, the "um, what am I supposed to do with this thing," has become a welcomed, greatly appreciated privilege and gift that I now can not imagine existing without.

To all of my past, current, and soon-to-be readers, allow me to say thank you. Once invested, given or spent time is something that is nonrefundable and "ain't no getting it back!" Lol. Thank you for tolerating that line. Again, thank you, reader, may you ever enjoy the journey of the read. I am, truly, HIS Pen.

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