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P.A. Chawla

P.A. Chawla

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

The road to fiction is paved with self-discovery. My stories are character driven. And my characters are not created in a bubble. They are drawn from a deep, almost unhealthy amount of introspection.
I believe that human beings have an infinite capacity to love and an equally infinite capacity for monstrous behavior. I love to look at the world I have created and be the only one to see the secret parts of me reflected in the housewife, the adulteress, the nun, the extrovert and the recluse, the child-beater and the child.
Which one in your book is you? They ask. Each one of them. All of them, I say.

About P.A. Chawla

I was born and raised in Mumbai. My father, Shri J. C. Arora, was a Sanskrit scholar and etymologist and was a major influence in my development and my approach to writing.
With a degree in English literature, I worked for four years as a Sr. Copywriter for an Ad agency before I migrated to the United States in 1982.

In 2012, I extricated myself from the corporate arena to focus on a career in writing.
My debut collection of related short stories, The Shenanigans of Time, published in 2013, was written as a gift for my mother who was, at the time, dying of cancer.
In 2015, I published my second book, Mumbai Mornings. This book, dedicated to my mother as well, is available in Amazon and all fine stores.

When I am not writing, or rereading Tagore, Steinbeck or Henry James, I fill my time with culinary experiments, traveling and living like the locals in obscure places.

To whom much is given, from him much is expected - I strive to follow this motto, every day of my life.

P.A. Chawla can be found online at

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