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John Knotts

John Knotts

Question: What do you love most about writing fiction?

Fiction is so much more fun than writing nonfiction (business books)! I get to immerse myself into the book and the scenes and really feel and experience it like a reader would. Fiction is fun and fantastic -- the sky is the limit -- as where nonfiction must be researched and correct. It's definitely harder to write fiction, because you have to constantly use your imagination, but that's what makes it a challenge.

About John Knotts

I have an extensive 30-year career in business, but I grew up as a gamer and role player. My experiences with a close friend, play-testing a gaming system called Savage Soul, eventually led to the creation of my first fictional book, One Dead Marine, published in 2012. Although I am working on the second book, I recently published, in April 2019, my first nonfiction business book, Overcoming Organizational Myopia.

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