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About Re:Fiction

About Re:Fiction

Re:Fiction is an online magazine devoted to helping fiction writers thrive.

We believe the great writers of tomorrow are out there even now, honing their skills and polishing their yet untold stories. We want to shine a beacon of encouragement, information, and inspiration for you. We want to celebrate the authentic voice you bring to the world. And we want you to enjoy your way along the path of the writer.

That’s why we offer how-to articles about writing fiction, interviews with successful authors, and writing contests with fun prizes. That’s also the reason we feature our community members twice a week on our website and give them a platform for sharing their writing journey.

We work hard on acquiring quality content for the magazine. If you’re interested in contributing, please check out our guidelines.

If you have any idea, comment, question, or request regarding Re:Fiction, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We read every message and reply in person.

We hope you enjoy Re:Fiction and everything it has to offer. See you around!

Happy writing,

Tal Valante, Founder

Maria Manevich, Editor

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